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Inspirational Keynote

Lorena Billi, a visionary leader and tech industry trailblazer, is passionate about empowering women and advancing diversity and inclusion.

Please find below a list of relevant topics:

  • Mentor at S.He Goes Digital, an Executive Master in Digital and IT essentials organized by ULB, Agoria, FinTalent & SPF Economie, 2024
  • Entrepren’HER Lunch organized by Innov’Ett, June 2024, Speaker on panel “Women active in male dominated Field”
  • Digital Spring Annual Conference organized by, March 2024, Keynote Speaker on Web3 developments
  • YourKingsley, March 2024, Interviewed as the annual Inspiring Women Leader
  • SoShe Festival, December 2023, speaker on panel “New Tech: how do they impact small companies” and led a workshop on Web3
  • ELLE Active Forum 2023, November 2023, speaker on a panel about “How can women start in the tech industry?”
  • Digital First Summit, October 2023, Speaker on the panel “SME’s: an under-exploited market full of opportunities”
  • Cercle Olympe, October 2023, Keynote on “Emerging tech & Web3 trends”
  • Hors Norme, October 2023, Keynote on “Demystifying Web3 & IA”
  • Sommet de l’Inspiration Professionel, October 2023, speaker on “The impact of emerging technologies in the working industry”
  • Women Digital Festival organized by Hub Brussels, October 2023, Speaker on the panel “Web3 & AI”
  • Economic & Politic Mission of the Brussels Days in Spain with the Minister Rudy Vervoort organized by Hub Brussels, September 2023, speaker representing Belgium at the Tech Barcelona Hub in Spain
  • CryptoWednesday organized by DAO Brussels, May 2023, speaker about “Women in Web3”
  • Digital Finance Summit 2022 (DFS Summit), October 2022, “How the latest evolutions on blockchain , crypto and CBDC will help in increasing resilience?” – With Benedikt Goetz, Dave Remue, Dr Andras Rung, Selin Suntay, Koen Vingerhoets & Lorena Billi
  • racker Podcast by l’Echo, 30 March 2022, interviewed as “the one who started in Crypto”
  • Rallye Boursier organized by l’Echo, 2021, Ambassadrice

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