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Inspiring Interview #4 – Iulianna Romanchyshyna

“There is a lot of space for so many different professions (you don’t have to be a techie)”

Who is she?

Iulianna Romanchyshyna

Feel free to reach out and slide into her DMs with a virtual high-five!

How and when did you start with Web3?

In 2021, I got excited about investing and naturally started considering crypto as well, although my decision to invest at the time was mostly driven by FOMO and was lacking a basic understanding of the underlying technology and the logic of tokenomics.

Time passed, and in 2022, I started to learn more about blockchain by visiting events in Brussels (Furt’Her also had a great impact!) and reading everything I could find.

“It was exciting for me to get to know more about this world and the opportunities it presents, much beyond hyped cryptocurrency trading. “

I also felt stuck at my job in the field of law and felt I needed a change, so I was really open to learning completely different subjects and seeing where it takes me.

I became interested not only in learning about investment opportunities but also in new business models and crypto value-added, in order to find a way where my previous experience as a lawyer and a policy consultant could be combined with my new knowledge in the area of crypto and blockchain.

I am still very much at the beginning of my path, but I am happy that I currently have an opportunity to work in the public sector in the development of rules of the game for the crypto industry to make it more secure, predictable, and safe.

I also have ideas for creating an educational space.

What do you love most about Web3?

I love the dynamic nature of Web3 and the new value it brings to businesses and individuals.

It is like a sneak peek into the future of economics with the potential to shake up how we do everything: the way we interact, trade, invest, create value, and even enjoy our leisure time.

The coolest thing is how Web3’s tech is all about being open and clear and how it facilitates trust.

Even though it’s early days, the idea of Web3 making things more fair and giving everyone a shot at the digital world is what’s got me hooked!

What would you say to newbies?

Do not miss out on learning more about blockchain and the opportunities it presents.
You may choose to have a more passive role of an investor (for which, believe me, you need some basic knowledge!) or even create your career around it as there is a lot of space for so many different professions (you don’t have to be a techie).
What is one of your advice?
If there is one piece of advice I can give, I’d say to find communities of crypto enthusiasts to learn more, be aware of the latest news, and be inspired by getting to know about what others are doing in this field.
At some point, it really helped me to get a better understanding of the industry and it is always fun to spend time with people sharing similar interests.

What project or dapp do you follow?

I love to follow projects related to tokenization of assets as the market for tokenized goods and services is growing so fast!
In short, tokenization is about transforming physical or digital assets into tokenized assets that can be managed and traded on blockchain platforms. It brings additional value to goods and services and has the potential to revolutionize how traditional assets are bought, sold, and invested.
Also, I am very much interested in projects with social value, such as Stellar Aid Assist, which helps humanitarian organizations to distribute instantly and transparently financial aid and monitor its disbursement via blockchain. I feel it can seriously improve the way humanitarian aid is provided and it makes me happy to think that this solution was designed with Ukraine (my home country) in mind.

Written by Lorena Billi

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