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Inspiring Interview #2 – Vanessa Walach

Information is power. Curiosity is a superpower. Stay informed, stay curious, be bold and go ahead

Who is she?

Vanessa Walach – Feel free to reach out and slide into her DMs with a virtual high-five! Don’t be shy, she’s just a message away from connecting with an awesome individual like you. Let’s make some magic happen!

How and when did you start with Web3?

I started with cryptocurrencies in 2020. Understanding the technology & principles behind it (blockchain & decentralization) were what called me the most by then. Part of my competencies are consultancy in brand strategy and business development; I started advising a tech start-up in 2022 which brought me closer to the concept of metaverse and web3 opportunities.

All the pieces of the puzzle about why I value web3 have been brought either through personal values, innovation mindset and amazing business opportunities.

What do you love most about Web3?

The infinite field of possibilities around business projects, the decentralization perspective and true ownership/responsibility of their dimensions.

What would you say to newbies?

“Start now, it’s never too late but it will be tomorrow.”
– Vanessa Walach

Dig into it, get to understand what it is about and stay open, stay curious.

Web3 can transform businesses and the society as a whole; it is one of the best developments so far to contribute to changing the world we live in.

What is one of your advice?

Web2 world has made people very dependent on centralized “authorities”. So it takes a lot of unlearning, curiosity and flexibility to come with a fresh new mind into web3. It is currently being built, which means the FOMO can be very high and also that there’s a lot of test and try. It is the beauty of it when you have the right mindset along it. Leave your ego behind, take your personal responsibility and ownership, and build with open curiosity. By doing so, you’ll have a true impact.

What project or dapp do you follow?

Immersive worlds and brand experiences – for the customer experience and centricity. Branding is around emotional intelligence and I am truly passionated about how brands (mostly luxury brands) continuously reinvent themselves to build evolving definitions of customer experience.

Projects around consciousness built on web3 (and web2) – for the needed reconnexion to human power that can be leveraged through innovative digital/immersive experiences.

NFT’s and art

Communities built around crypto & web3 – for the power of the community

Discover Vanessa’s expertise about Emotional Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence here on her Youtube channel

Written by Lorena Billi

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