Who owns What ? Decentralization and the future of Responsibility.

Furt’Her is happy to host a women webinar on Decentralization, Ownership and Responsibility during the Brussels Blockchain Week!

Welcome to our panel discussion on the topic of decentralization, ownership, and responsibility.

Our Speakers:

Lorena Billi is the founder of Furt’Her. She is a woman passionate about culture, innovation and ethics. After studying, travelling and working in multiple countries over the world, she decided to come back home, in Belgium. As an explorer by nature, she discovered the blockchain technology, its uses and other emerging technologies such as AI, VR and AR. Combining her passion for the international world and this ecosystem, she is developing a network and services to inspire and raise women’s awareness to embrace & seize the opportunities of these new technologies.

Vanessa Walach is a brand strategist and business coach for entrepreneurs & start-ups. She worked the past 12 years for Retail & Luxury corporations as well as start-ups, and has a proven track of empowering brand identity, business with impact, meaningful marketing and true leadership. She is an accredited Life-coach, passionate about human mindset, emotional intelligence & (self-) leadership. In the age of AI, the importance of EI (emotional intelligence) has become key and is shared in the workshops, coachings and talks she leads on the topic. She founded Seeds_LifeDesign with the vision of merging physical & immersive experiences to raise consciousness.

Anna Graf  Connect, create, innovate – Anna Graf works as innovation lead web3 at Arvato Systems – being part of the Bertelsmann Group (Penguin Random House, RTL Group, BMG). She is building the foundation for mass market adoption of Web3 focusing on NFTs, virtual worlds and loyalty3 in connection with AI. Art, sustainability and digital identity are her favorite topics when it comes to use cases for DLT. Anna has been speaking at several events like OMR22, Dmexco, in Davos during WEF, NFT NYC New York and London, CAC (crypto assets conference), fintechweek Stockholm, Blockchain Association Barcelona, EWD23 and many more.

Panel topic

In the age of blockchain, decentralized systems are transforming the way we think about ownership and control of assets and data. But with decentralization comes a new set of challenges, particularly around responsibility.

Who is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of decentralized networks? Who bears the cost of any errors or malfunctions? And how can we ensure that decentralized systems are governed in a way that is fair, transparent, and accountable?

In this panel, we’ll be exploring the many dimensions of the decentralization dilemma, with a focus on the future of responsibility. Our panelists are experts from a range of fields, and will be sharing their insights on the challenges and opportunities presented by decentralization.

We hope that by the end of this discussion, you’ll have a better understanding of the complexities of decentralization, and how we can work towards a future that is both decentralized and responsible.


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