Decentralization : the real revolution is not technological – it is human

Decentralization : the real revolution is not technological - it is human

Written by Vanessa Walach


Since a few years now, we are experiencing a true technological and paradigm shift in our society. Some say the changes we are witnessing now, are as consequent as when agriculture was invented.

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI and technology became the favourite buzz-words, hashtags and name-them-on. So many use them, but how much do they understand them ?
Hype-words, often misunderstood.
Hype-words. Fragile words. Powerful words.
Few people really know what they mean, and even fewer people are aware that using these words make them the true creators and contributors to the new paradigm.

In blockchain, decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity (individual, organization, or group thereof) to a distributed network. In centralized entities, resources distribution, control, and trust (to name only a few) are centralized in one point. And by essence, decentralization is the opposite of centralization.
If everything gets truly decentralized, if every node of the network is equally involved and responsible in the network, then shouldn’t we start to pay attention and intention to these nodes?

If it is now about the “collective” coming together as a united entity, where collective decisions create collective outcomes; then how much attention is placed on the education, development and knowledge held by each node/entity constituting this collective? 
In other words – if through decentralization each human or individual is now a node on its own, fully responsible for its actions and decisions and fully responsible of what he brings into the collective; how can we ensure harmony and commune positive outcomes ?

True decentralization is not technological. It is human. 
True decentralization is about supporting individual awareness, ownership and responsibility. This raises a global question on how we make decisions for ourselves. How we think and how we take ownership and responsibility for our thoughts.
How we dream and how we take ownership and responsibility for our wishes.
The time we spend on something, and the decisions we finally take. In a truly decentralized organization, who will you blame when your decision leads to unwished results ? In a truly decentralized organization, it all starts with you – and ends with you.

The task is not easy though. We have been raised and educated in a society where success is pre-defined. Where belonging has (unconscious) rules. Where the cultural and societal pressure around the same values is so strong that it leaves us giving away any personal power to the outside. And we started to find ease in it. Comfort in it.
There was always someone to blame : the bank, the government, the system.
A true decentralization means deconstructing this system. These automatisms, These beliefs. And claiming, taking, our power back.

New Leaders are emerging and raising their voices with these words. How “crazy” they might be labelled by society, their voices start to echo inside each and every one of us. An echo that resonates with the voice we have deep inside, the one that told us since the beginning we are powerful humans, capable of miracles. If and only if we take our power back.

This requires a tremendous amount of courage. The courage to get to know yourself. The courage to befriend that unknown power inside. The courage to deconstruct societal beliefs, to discover what you really want, think and are.

It is a bumpy road to walk into the unknown, to swim against the “norm”. To know yourself, through the good and the bad. Through the light and the shadows. To be radically honest with yourself and know every little detail of your mind, your flaws, your egoistical / humanitarian tendencies, your talents and weaknesses. Do you know yourself to the point you know how you react when you fail ? Can you manage the shame, the fear? Do you know yourself to the point you know how you react when you succeed – and by the way, what is YOUR real definition of success ?

Only through digging deeper inside, you can start to recognize all those strengths you never knew about. The ones you had never been invited to look at, the ones that were hidden because “not conform” to the mass.

Self-awareness and radical honesty are the only paths to take full ownership of your decisions.

This is where your true individual power comes back to the surface. Where you can start to take the ownership of your decisions, your choices, and your life. These are the only keys to make every node of the network as conscious and responsible as the collective deserves it.

True decentralization can be technological, but its real road to success is through the human.

Vanessa WALACH

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